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Digital Dream 3 Axis CNC Standalone/Offline Motion Controlle DDCS3 V3.1 DDCSV3.1

Digital Dream 3 Axis CNC Standalone/Offline Motion Controlle DDCS3 V3.1 DDCSV3.1
Digital Dream 3 Axis CNC Standalone/Offline Motion Controlle DDCS3 V3.1 DDCSV3.1
Digital Dream 3 Axis CNC Standalone/Offline Motion Controlle DDCS3 V3.1 DDCSV3.1
Digital Dream 3 Axis CNC Standalone/Offline Motion Controlle DDCS3 V3.1 DDCSV3.1
Digital Dream 3 Axis CNC Standalone/Offline Motion Controlle DDCS3 V3.1 DDCSV3.1
Digital Dream 3 Axis CNC Standalone/Offline Motion Controlle DDCS3 V3.1 DDCSV3.1
Digital Dream 3 Axis CNC Standalone/Offline Motion Controlle DDCS3 V3.1 DDCSV3.1

Digital Dream 3 Axis CNC Standalone/Offline Motion Controlle DDCS3 V3.1 DDCSV3.1    Digital Dream 3 Axis CNC Standalone/Offline Motion Controlle DDCS3 V3.1 DDCSV3.1

Digital Dream DDCS3 V3.1 3 Axis 500Khz CNC Standalone/Offline Motion Controller for CNC Router Milling Updated from DDCS V2.1. The DDCS V3.1 is a 3 or 4 axis motion controller for stepper and servo systems. DDCS V3.1 is updated from DDCS V1.1 and DDCS V2.1. We are very proud of this product, it combines great power with a tiny footprint and is easy to use. After a very short time you will be familiar with the functions.

The highest output pulse per axis is 500KHz. The pulse width is adjustable (refer to driver manual).

The control period of each position is only 4 milliseconds. This provides high control precision for stepper motors and servo motors. The DDCS V3.1 numerical control system adopts the ARM+FPGA design framework. ARM controls the human-computer interface and code analysis and the FPGA provides the underlying algorithms and creates the control pulse. This guarantees reliable control and easy operation.

The internal operating system is Linux based. The panel layout structure of the DDCS V3.1 is very rational to save space. All operations are controlled by only 17 keys and a comprehensive G code set is supported. The DDCS can be used for many styles and types of CNC machines. Lathes, Routers, Pick&Place and Mills are just a few examples.

It operates as a Stand Alone system without the need of a computer. This guarantees high precision, accuracy and reliability.

16 photoelectric isolated digital inputs, 3 photoelectric isolated digital outputs; 3.1 Version enhanced Algorithm, support soft interpolation, fixed arc interpolation bug of the old version;; Analog spindle control 0-10V spindle control (can be modified as PWM output); 3-4 axis motor Control. Differential Pulse and direction output signal, Max. 500Khz per axis; Open-collector output, Max. Output current is 500mA, can power the relay directly; ARM9 main control chip, FPGA core algorithm chip; 5 inches TFT screen, resolution ratio: 480x272,17 operation keys; The Power Supply for the controller is 24VDC, minimum Current is 0.5A; The Power Supply for IO Port is 24VDC, minimum current is 0.5A;By the IO power supply, system already supply the power for IO ports. USB flash disk support for G code file input, no size limited of the G-code file; Support standard MPG; Jog function for each axis (continuous, step, defined distance);Customer can define the distance; Support the operation of quickly specify the running position; Support for Power Cut recovery.

Data is automatically saved; acklash compensation, Tool compensation; The controller only support NPN type limited switch. DDCS V3.1 New features compared to previous version. Control System Unit is compatible with Metric Units and Imperial Units; MPG and extended Keyboard can also control and edit the controller system; Add new function of Try cutting(handwheel guiding) and Single-stage processing mode; 3 kinds Probing Modes:Fixed Position of tool sensor, Floating Position of the tool sensor, Rectangular block Sensor; Open-collector output, Max. Output current is 500mA, can power the relay directly; Enhanced the software, added a lot of parameters, Optimal Design and Algorithm, makes the new version more strong functions and steady; The Option Language of the system is Chinese/English/Russian; Version 3.1 cited the new circuit design and metal box, which can avoid the noise a lot. The DDCS V3.1 is a small box that can fit in a window of a small control box or control cabinet.

Four locking hooks fix this controller from the frame. The front panel is 191mm128mm5mm; The main body is 191mm128mm37mm; To mount the unit in an equipment cabinet, cut the hole182.5mm59mm. At the back side of the controller, there are USB Disk interface, MPG Port, Main Port and external Start/Pause/Estop interface.

For convenient connections we supply a 3 layer wiring terminalfor main port. We also supply a DB-15 Male plug for MPG connection. The 8 screws are to fix the wiring ternimal and controller. The USB Stick is for the transfer of the G-code file.

As the picture shows, the wiring section of the controller has Input Ports, Spindle&Output Ports, stepper/Servo control step and direction output, MPG Port, USB Port and Power supply Port. The MPG port the DB15 Female terminals next to the USB port. The users need to weld the MPG cables into the DB15 Male terminal, and plug-in to the MPG port of the controller MPG port.

We supply a wiring terminal to fit the 37 pin female connector of the main port. Please note in picture 2.8, at the 4 corners, there are screws to lock the terminal to the controller. There are 3 layers of the Wiring Terminal. Pls note the following photo, which showed the pin No.

PIN3(M8), PIN22(M10), PIN2(VSO) and PIN21(M3) is for spindle control output. The spindle control output terminal offers connections for Start and Stop of the Spindle (M3/M5), Start/Stop of Cooling (M8/M9) and Start/Stop of Lubrication (M10/M11). These three output terminals are signals open to ground. The highest electric current can be absorbed is 50mA.

The speed controlling output terminal can output 0-10V. It can adjust the speed of the spindle motor by sending the voltage between 0 and 10V to the VFD according the the Spindle Speed Setting. Controlling the speed of a spindle with a VFD (variable frequency drive) only needs the Start/Stop signal and the 0-10V signal to control the frequency.

PIN3(M8), PIN22(M10) and PIN21(M3) is also can be used for OUTPUT ports. For example, it can be used for a Relay output port. For example next photo shows the wiring methods. 4 DDCS V3.1 Power Supply Wiring.

DDCSV3.1 needs two Power supplies. One is for controller and one is for IO ports, both is 24VDC 1A.

The Wiring methods as below. DDCS V3.1 Software Introduction. The picture shows the Main page of the DDCS in Metric Units and in Imperial Units.

There are 3 pages in our software:Main Page, File Page and Parameters Page. It is divided into status column, coordinate display column, basic parameter column, and notification column. In total, it is divided into 19 sections in detail. Here the detailed description of the 19 sections : 1, X Coordinate 2, Y Coordinate 3, Z Coordinate 4, A Coordinate(This section has no definition in the 3-axis) 5, Current Operation 6, Page 7, Operation Window 8 Coordinate System 9, Status of M3/M5, M8/M9 or M10/M11 10, Speed of spindle 11, Feed speed 12, SJR 13, SRO 14, FRO 15, Working time 16, Processing file 17, Operating Status 18, Feed status 19, Mach Coordinate. DDCS V3.1 Definition of Keys on the Controller Panel.

For the detailed operation by panel, pls refers to the DDCS V3.1 User's Manual. In the new version of 3.1, in order to supply more convenient operation options for customers, the users not only can use the controller Panel to operate, but also can use the keyboard and MPG. Here we describe the operation methods by keyboard.

Important Please select the keyboard with USB connection, and with numerical pad. The following Figure is for your references. Please read DDCS V3.1 User's manual for the Parameter Instruction. DDCS V3.1 G Code and M Code. Q1: When I power on my controller there is beep and Reset signal is flickering, I pressed Reset button many times but still cannot work normally?

A 1 Please check if the Reset signal of the MPG is active, you can turn off the MPG Estop Function with #428 or change the level logic with #429; 2 Please check the External Key which defined as RESET and if this was was triggered, you can modify the definition; Q2: I believe all my wiring connections of Input and Output signal are correct, but the signal still is disabled? A: DDCS V3.1 controller need two power supplies to work properly. One is for controller system one is for IO port.

Only when with IO power is supplied, the Input and Output signals and the MPG function can have power to work. Refer to §2.1 for more information. Q3: I believe my wiring connections for the MPG are correct but MPG still doesn work properly? A: The MPG need the IO power to work, please check the IO port power supply. Q4: When I stopped turnning the handwheel on MPG, but the machine is still moving?

A: If #448=0, [Open] the MPG control Mode means the MPG will work in open loop mode. If you turn the handwheel faster than the drives can move an axis, the system will store the pulses and sends them to the drivers even after you have stopped turning the handwheel. This can lead to crashes. If you want the system to stop when you stop then set parameter #448=1. For more information see the comment on #448.

Q5: When I power on the controller, my screen always stay at the Open page? A: Please go to the website and download the latest install file, upgrade your controller. If still same problem, contact the factory and ask for maintenance.

Q6: Why does my controller always s stay stuck at one page, I cannot change it even I do a lot of operations? A: 1 Check if the soft limit signal or hard limit signal is triggered 2 The main program number of DDCS is 0.

Check that in the G-code file which you are running is there a program numbered O100. If so change it to o000. Q7: When I have set the controller language to Eng in the Parameters Page, my controller still displays in Chinese? A: After setting a new language, please restart your controller, then your controller will display the language which you set. Q8: In the processing period, nothing happened even after I pressed any buttons. A: The problem maybe from electromagnetic interference, the solutions are: 1 Dont use the USB cable, just insert the USB memory stick into the controller USB port. 2 The metal part of the USB cable must not touch with the controller box, and also you can use a Ferrite core on the USB cable to try to ignore the noise.. 3The wiring from the inverter to controller, please use the shielded cable, expecially the wiring from the servo system to controller, the user must use the shielded cable, to avoid interference. Q9: Can the Homing signal and Limit signal share one switch? Q10: Why is my toolpath display not compatible with the screen, or is my toolpath display frozen? A: Whenyou use a new G-code file, and its the first time the controller runs the file, the toolpath display maybe too small or too big for the screen, If this happens Please dont display the toolpath. Just let the controller run through the file completely.

After this the controller will know the size of the file, so next time the system can adjust the display accordingly and show a correctly sized toolpath. Q11: How can I Plug a USB-Stick and a Keyboard at the same time cause there is only 1 USB port on the controller?

A: The users can use a USB Hub with more than 2 USB ports. Q12: I have checked all the wiring and my settings, I believe all are correct, but the Controller still will not run a file correctly. If I need to contact technology support, which files should I send to the factory for troubleshooting? A: 1 setting file in controller system. 2 The G-code file you are running 3Description of the problem 4 The software version you are running and the controller hardware version 5 If appropriate/possible a video of the problem Please send the files to uswe will use your files to check out problem and supply you the after-sales service.

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Digital Dream 3 Axis CNC Standalone/Offline Motion Controlle DDCS3 V3.1 DDCSV3.1    Digital Dream 3 Axis CNC Standalone/Offline Motion Controlle DDCS3 V3.1 DDCSV3.1